The Swingin’ Hi-Tones emerged from Hamilton in Victoria’s Western district, in 1982, billing themselves as ‘The Western District’s premier in-land surf band’ – which says it all really.

Adopting an early 60’s pre-Beatles look and style, they played at parties and support slots for a bit over a year, attracting a small cult following.

In 1983 the band recorded an album’s worth of original tunes which was released on cassette as The Fabulous Surfin’ Sound Of The ‘Swingin’ Hi-Tones’.

Their last performance was at ‘The Last Beach Party’, an invitation-only gig at the George Hotel in Hamilton on August 19th, 1983.

The band members got together 25 years later to play at our bass player Rick’s 50th birthday party and, again in 2013, to play at drummer Sandy’s 50th.


To mark the band's 30th anniversary, they decided to record some new material and release it, along with the original 1983 cassette tracks, on a CD appropriately entitled ‘Hi-atus’. It seems that The Swingin’ Hi-Tones have come out swingin’ all over again!


Watch videos of ‘The Lone Surfer’ and ‘Pipe Down!’ below

The Lone Surfer

Formed in 1982 in Hamilton, Victoria, and hailed as the Western District's premier inland surf band, The Swingin' Hi-Tones have returned after a 30 year 'hi-atus'. This video features a newly recorded version of one of their best-loved tunes; The Lone Surfer.

Pipe Down

The Swingin' Hi-Tones second video Pipe Down! features on their "Hi-atus 1983-2013" CD. Footage for the clip came from a gig at the Mentone Hotel in October 2013.

The Swingin' Hi-Tones are: Hank C. Marlin (lead guitar), Rick Schweitzer Jr. (bass), Dip Dimucci (rhythm meister) and Sandy Beach (drums).


Available from our STORE:

  • DANCE 3: Hi-atus 1983-2013
  • CD-R: Alive, Alive Oh!
  • The Lone Surfer 7" EP TDX-11,116 (Thong) 002