The Celebrities are K.J. Allen’s studio recording band. Along with a select band of guest musicians, K.J. has been recording sporadically under this name since 1988. So far the Celebrities have released two CDs:

  • Meet The Celebrities
  • Red Blue Green

Why ‘The Celebrities’?

K.J. likes the idea of a force so powerful that it can link the pope with the Kardashians, or Boy George with Prince George.

As the liner notes to ‘Red Blue Green’ explain: ‘The Celebrities’ want their music to be known, but not their faces (hence the recurring motif of ‘anonymity’ on their cassette and CD covers), especially when this week’s TV talent show ‘star’ is next week’s hamburger chain employee.

'Never the most prolific of outfits, K.J. expects the next CD of new material to be released ‘in the year 2525’.