In 1980, two students from Ballarat College of the Arts got together to write and perform anarchic, un-PC, under-undergraduate, low-tech songs purely for their own amusement. Calling themselves The Bimbo Brothers (Bim and Bo), they used anything they could lay their hands on to make sound – even some musical instruments.

A collection of these pieces was released on cassette in 1981 as ‘Man Sees Thing’, the first release on Thong’n’Dance. This cassette even got a mention in an issue of the now long-defunct ‘Fast Forward’ cassette magazine, and copies were available for a short time at Missing Link Records in Melbourne.

The bands sound has remained elusive and somewhat hard to describe, but ‘a less musically competent Tenacious D without the metal influences’ comes close.


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CD-R: The Bimbo Brothers’ Greatest Bits

  • Including all of the ‘Man Sees Thing’ cassette
  • An Interview with the Boys
  • Additional material