The   Swingin' Hi-Tones   'By Request' Volume 1

The Swingin' Hi-Tones 'By Request' Volume 1

The big news around TNDHQ is that The Swingin' Hi-Tones new EP, 'By Request Volume I', has been released.

As the name suggests, there will also be a second volume, which will hopefully be released early in 2018.

Side 1 The Swingin' Hi-Tones 'By Request' Volume 1

Side 2 The Swingin' Hi-Tones 'By Request' Volume 1

Copies of the new EP are available from selected inner suburban record stores in Melbourne, such as Northside Records, as well as from Network Video in Hamilton, where the band began. Of course they are also available directly from TNDHQ for a mere $10 per copy.

Only 150 copies have been pressed, which makes every copy a Collector's item, so make sure to get one soon.


Recording has begun on the third Celebrities CD, provisionally entitled 'Un-popular Music', with a view to a 2018 release.

K.J. informs us that the new material covers a range of styles with an emphasis on guitars this time. Confirmed titles include the following: 

  • Problem Child
  • Show Me The Evidence
  • 19 Forever

More details will be published on this site closer to the release date.



The poster promoting the documentary film The Swinging Hi-Tones Story which premieres later this year.

Great news for Hi-Tones fans, our favourite in-land surf instrumental combo. It can now be revealed that the Hi-Tones are the subject of a documentary film called 'Hi-Tonality: The Swingin' Hi-Tones Story'. Directed by independent film maker, Wil Raymond, with the band's full consent and co-operation, it is sure to reveal things about the boys that they probably didn't even know themselves.

The film will have its premiere screening at a special invitation-only event in Hamilton later this year, possibly on November 26th, although this date has not yet been confirmed. Suffice to say, it will be a fun night for all involved, especially if the boys are able to perform a live set.

You'll notice the promotional poster for the film above. We hope to have the complete film posted on this site in the near future.

We've also begun going through the archives with a view to putting more visual material on the artists's individual sites. One example is the 3HA Top 40 chart of November 11, 1982, which has Innocent Bystanders' single Smalltown Lady at its highest chart position of 23 that week. Other items such as newspaper articles and photographs will also be added, so be sure to check that out over the next few weeks.

Now that TNDHQ have finally emerged from winter hibernation, we can report that 2017 is going to be a big year for the label. Planned new releases include the third CD from The Celebrities and more new tunes on vinyl from The Swingin' Hi-Tones.


As you have already discovered, Thong'n'Dance now has its own website. After 33 years in a cardboard box, it has now been liberated and exposed to the world in all its lo-tech glory. However, if you are one of those people who thinks that the world needs more supermodels, Kardashians or royal babies then this site is clearly not for you.

But if you want to keep up with the latest hi-jinx from the Swingin' Hi-Tones, be informed about upcoming T'n'D products or just get words of wisdom direct from TNDHQ, then you've come to the right place.

The site itself is still in its infancy, but thanks to the skills of our esteemed webmeister (none other than the Swingin' Hi-Tones' very own Dip DiMucci), it will continue to be developed and improved. Feel free to email us with comments, orders, suggestions, requests etc. but please try to keep them polite and anatomically possible.

There are currently no tracks available for downloading from iTunes, but we intend to make some available very soon, beginning with 'The Lone Surfer' (the film clip of which should appear on ABC TV's Rage very soon) and 'Ordinary Blokes'. We'll let you know when, so stay tuned.


After a few delays, due to minor pressing problems, The Swingin' Hi-Tones new four-track vinyl EP has been released with 'The Lone Surfer' as the title track. The EP also features 'Pipe Down!' from the 'Hi-atus' CD along with two brand new tunes, 'High'n'Dry' and 'Hanky Panky' that are otherwise unavailable.

The cover and label both pay homage to those wonderful EP's released by Festival Records in the sixties, down to the back cover flaps, the label design and even the catalogue number, which was unused at the time

Copies are available now through the website, and in Melbourne from Round Again in Coburg North. There will also be copies for sale at the Essendon Record Fair on October 19th.


All three Thong'n'Dance CD-Rs have recently been upgraded with stylish colour card inserts, ensuring that they now look as good as they sound. (See elsewhere on the site for pictures).

A new sampler CD-R called 'Making A Thong'n'Dance' has been released to give curious music fans a chance to hear a selection of what the label has to offer. It can be purchased separately for the modest price of $5, or it will be added to any orders of $20 or more for free. So check it out!


The Swingin' Hi-Tones are planning to fulfill a long-held dream to release a 7 inch vinyl EP later this year. It will feature two tracks from the Hi-atus CD (The Lone Surfer and Pipe Down!) plus two brand new tunes which will be exclusive to this release.

The new tracks currently being considered are called 'High'n'Dry' and 'Hanky Panky'. Known as 'The Lone Surfer EP' the artwork will be reminiscent of those classic EPs of the 1960s.

Recording is already underway on the new tunes and more details will be revealed closer to the release date.


November 9, 2013 saw the debut of Thong'n'Dance product on the ABC airwaves when The Lone Surfer was played in full on the Coodabeen Champions' Saturday Soiree program on 774 Melbourne.

We hope that this will not be the last time we get ABC airplay and we're all looking forward to the video for the same track being played on Rage very soon.