The Label



  • The Thong ’n’ Dance label started in 1981 during the cassette boom (anyone still remember cassettes?) as a reaction to the unlistenable rubbish that many cassette labels were putting out at the time.


  • The first release was ‘Man Sees Thing’ by the Bimbo Brothers.


  • The following year saw the release of a vinyl single following the recording of two songs by Innocent Bystanders at Mike Brady’s Flagstaff Studios, as a result of winning a local ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition.


  • The record received support from local Radio Station 3HA and even rose to Number 23 on the Western District Top 40 in November 1982, a first for a local band and label!


  • A busy year, which saw the release of four more cassettes including the following:
  • A studio album of original tunes from The Swingin’ Hi-Tones.
  • A live compilation from Innocent Bystanders.




  • After a long break, the label re-emerged in the early 1990’s with cassette releases by K.J. Allen’s studio band, The Celebrities.


  • Thong 'n' Dance entered the digital age in 1996 with its first CD release


  • Meet The Celebrities’ is a compilation of material from the cassettes plus a few new recordings.





  • Never the most prolific of outfits, The Celebrities released new material with ‘Red Green Blue’.








  • The Swingin’ Hi-Tones release their first CD, ‘Hi-Atus’.


  • Check out unique and retro videos from The Swingin' Hi-Tones right HERE !






The release of the New 7" EP, The Lone Surfer, from The Swingin' Hi-Tones.

The disks further showcase the authentic nature of classic Hi-Tones design.



Thong ’n’ Dance - Music that’s even Better than it Sounds!